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Package: 50 tabs (50mg/tab)

Active Substance: Clomiphene Citrate

Product Name: Clomiphene, Clomed, Clomi


Clomiphene Tablets: Blocking the estrogen effects for uninterrupted muscle building process

The Uses

In the medical sphere clomiphene tablets are used as ovulatory stimulant which means it is used to induce egg production for the female wishing to be mother  as they are unable to produce eggs in the ovaries.The anti estrogen component of the product is used quite successfully to eliminate the side effects due to conversion of anabolic product into estrogen.During the Post Cycle Therpy this product enables the body to stimulate suppressed testosterone after a course of an anabolic product.It enables the body to eliminate the undesirable effects.As elevated level of estrogen causes fluid retention in the body so the product being anti estrogen in nature,helps to reduce it..The moment the water retention is eliminated then the development of muscles are genuine.


In fact clomiphene tablets been used as Post Cycle Therapy supplements so as to eliminate the estrogen effects and the related water content. Excess fluid retention increases the blood pressure and clomiphene tablets block the estrogen receptors in the body. In the process the actions of estrogen are prevented. It acts as aromatase inhibitors that suppress the synthesis of estrogen. During the Post Cycle Therapy if you do not take this tablet then the level of catabolic hormone cortisol will increase and fat is accumulated while the muscular mass begins to degenerate.

Doses and cycles

Basically clomiphene tablets are recommended are taken after a course of anabolic product for the restoration of normal levels of testosterone. Scientific studies have shown that in the case clomiphene tablets are taken for two weeks, then approximately there was substantial increase in testosterone level.

Mode of functioning

As it is observed clomiphene tablets cuts off the estrogen receptors and eliminate the undesired effects.. During the Post Cycle Therapy any anti estrogen supplement is required to prevent the undesirable effects and this product is effective in this particular process. This is the reason that your carbohydrate intake has to be balanced because excess intake in this regard causes fluid to be retained in the body. This product is very effective in preventing the side effects of any anabolic product. It stimulates the suppressed levels of testosterone, which is produced then the natural synthesis of testosterone slowly begins to recover. Several months are required in this regard. This product helps in the pharmacology process so that the natural production testosterone is restored.


In the case you take clomiphene tablets, then you should let a specialist know the name of medications you are already taking and your food habit. You should refrain from alcohol and have a balanced diet. Generally, medications in the genre of bexarotene and ospemifene may react.


Scientific studies have shown that the long time effects of clomiphene tablets and in the most cases it has been found that the increase in testosterone level is appreciable. The rate of increase steps up every year. Now for the strength sports persons it has been quite effective in blocking the estrogen effects after the completion of a cycle. It prevents any estrogen related undesirable effects so that the process of muscle development, both in size and strength can be achieved. During the Post Cycle Therapy if the strength sports persons do not take this tablet then the level of catabolic hormone cortisol will increase and the muscle mass may degenerate. It is an optimal supplement after completion of cycles to take the muscle building process ahead. In the medical field, it is quite successfully used in inducing egg production in the ovaries of infertile women.

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