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Package: 1 vial (300mg/ml 10 ml)

Active Substance: Boldenone Undecylenate

Product Name: Bold, Equipoise

Boldenone Undecylenate 300mg is repaired and renamed as Boldaxyl 300 by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals in India for center clinical use and itemized research. This is an injectable steroid thought about a decent help for vets on the double and now, after restoration, even people can utilize it.


This steroid is basically a changed kind of testosterone hormone where a twofold carbon bond has been remembered for the carbon 1 and 2 positions. The ester structure, Undecylenate licenses the steroid to get conveyed following 3 to 4 days of applying this mixture.

The fundamental change has obliged this steroid to aromatize at half of testosterone where estrogenic outcomes are possible at a lesser entirety than testosterone. At whatever point taken at an estimations of 400mgs consistently than this steroid may give a couple of signs of movement.

This steroid has commonly longer half-life, which continues until 12 days. That is the explanation the portion of the steroid is neither sufficient for anabolism yet what’s more not low enough for allowing recovery.


This segment is a prodrug of Boldenone, an agonist of AR and doesn’t create any danger towards hepatotoxicity because of its 17-Alpha Alkylated arrangement.


Boldaxyl 300 is an intramuscular infusion that makes a warehouse in the body, which remains back for 14 days (natural half-life). This is a substrate for 5-Alpha Reductase and gets changed over into 1-testosterone.


This is an advantageous anabolic steroid, which may help with dealing with the issues like osteoporosis and other muscle wasting ailments other than extending the show. It is a moderate season steroid and helps with strengthening the thin muscles of the body. It moreover progresses quality in muscles. It isn’t generally used as a stamping steroid anyway it may assist people with gaining some weight, which one may need during the moderate seasons. The muscle squandering fiascos can be adjusted in that manner.


Suggested or devoured doses are comparable to 200 to 600mgs consistently in the event that one needs to fabricate the estimation to some degree more than 600mgs at once in a period. The steroid cycle should be continued for least two months for a suitable result. Regardless, a couple of says that a cycle o 12 weeks is more fruitful.

On the other hand, female users are prescribed to take about 50mgs of Boldaxyl 300 consistently. Notwithstanding the way that a part of the female users endeavor around 75 to 100mgs, anyway reminding its strong exercises, they should not to continue with quite a higher proportion of portion for long.


This steroid has estrogenic outcomes due to its relationship with the aromatase impetus. High estrogen level in the male body due to aromatization may cause gynecomastia similarly as superfluous water support and heartbeat increase. Clients may endeavor to use against estrogenic drugs to deal with these issues.

Among the androgenic outcomes, the male clients may defy skin irritation, quick thinning up top and infection while the female customers may encounter the evil impacts of the effects of virilization, body hair advancement and expanding voice. Cardiovascular issues like HDL lopsidedness may in like manner be seen among the clients. This trouble can be compelled by a cholesterol neighborly lifestyle.

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