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Package: 1 vial (250mg/ml 10ml)

Active Substance: Nandrolone Decanoate

Product Name: Deca, Decandrol, Decanoate

Functions and Actions of Nandrolone:

No matter what form you find this compound in, Nandrolone is known as a 19-nor AAS, otherwise known as an anabolic androgenic steroid compound. What makes this designator of 19-nor so unique is the fact that it has a structural manipulation to it that is solely found in the testosterone hormone. This means that it’s a testosterone hormone without the carbon in the 19th location. Because this little tweak occurs, it allows scientists to maintain the powerful properties of testosterone, but create an entirely different steroid with unique characteristics.

Nandrolone is way, way more anabolic than a lot of other compounds, but it is only slightly more anabolic than testosterone. However, compared to testosterone, it is way lower on the androgenic scale. If you look at testosterone, it has an androgenic rating of over 100, whereas, with Nandrolone, you only have a rating of 37. This is a massive difference. The reason why it’s so much lower is that the compound has an ability to turn down your dihydronandrolone instead of your DHT, which is dihydrotestosterone. Because of that, Nandrolone is really easily tolerated by most adult males. The compound is also relatively inactive in terms of the estrogenic side effects, and only 20-percent of aromatase that is only a fraction of testosterone. It is also considered an active progestin and can enhance or manipulate the other potential side effects, but if you make an effort, you can ensure they’re controllable in most contexts.

Nandrolone is really great as a steroid because it has so many performance enhancer and practical benefits. This makes it amazingly versatile androgen. It can stop all of the bad hormones from being produced like glucocorticoids, it can raise your IGF-1 levels, more nitrogen is retained, more red blood cells, a lot more collagen, your bones are stronger, and you can expedite the process of protein synthesis. All these contribute to muscle growth, recovery and gains in strength, mass and speed.

When it comes to Nandrolone, the aforementioned positive effects are also found in a lot of other compounds. However, when it comes to nitrogen retention, no one else comes close to Nandrolone in terms of its capability. This is very important to know because our muscles have a lot of nitrogen in them, over 16-percent of our muscle tissue has nitrogen. This doesn’t seem all that important, but they to maintaining anabolism over catabolism relates to how much nitrogen we keep in our tissues. If it gets depleted, that means we can get into catabolic states and lose the potency of the compounds. This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it means that our collagen and bone mineral qualities can be affected as well, and that’s where Nandrolone comes into play. No other compound can rejuvenate our collagen and bones like Nandrolone can, and this means it has a major recovery benefit when compared to other compounds that make it better than the rest of the pack.

Effects of Nandrolone:

By understanding how Nandrolone works, you’ll be able to immediately realize why the positive effects of the anabolic steroid are present, especially for those that are looking to use it for medical purposes rather than athletics or bodybuilding. For someone that is just using it for performance enhancement, like aesthetic weight lifters or competitive athletes, they really love it, but the truth is, many of these individuals don’t truly understand why they like the drug so much. In other words, they don’t know much about the science behind it and proclaim a lot of benefits that might not really be there. Most people assume Nandrolone is great for bulking, and in truth, it is really great for bulking. But most people don’t use it for anymore than that reason alone. And frankly, that’s disappointing to not maximize everything this steroid is capable of doing. With something as versatile and incredible as Nandrolone, it’s doing a disservice to the compound. For one, you have to understand that the quality of the compound is not solely based on the amount of mass it can put on your body. And if you’re only using a versatile compound for the mass-building alone, it’s like driving a Ferrari just because you like the way the steering wheel feels. You’re just short-changing yourself out of a lot of other awesome features.

For someone who isn’t in their season, Nandrolone is commonly used because it will add mass but not too quickly. And even if you use a version of it that has a shorter ester, you’re going to get the same effects. You won’t see a ton of mass within a short time period like something along the lines of an Oxymetholone, but you’re going to get real high quality gains over a decent period of time. It’s not going to be sloppy, watery, blubbery weight you see with a lot of rapid mass compounds. You’re also going to see a slight increase in your strength, but it is not known to be one that adds strength. For this type of athlete, they’re also going to benefit from the recovery effects that the drug is known for providing. Usually around this time period is when you see athletes use the heaviest kinds of weights. Using too heavy in-season will inhibit performance and increase injury risk. So during this time period, you’re going to be able to gain a lot more mass with less added fat than you would during any other time. The compound also has a positive effect on metabolism.

Now for a true competitor, this is someone that doesn’t care about bulking or cutting, but they are someone who wants to get the most out of their performance. Nandrolone is going to be one of his best options and possibly even the best because it’s a compound that is going to deliver that and then some. Super low doses of the compound will be able to give recovery and relief from a lot of aches and pains and wear and tear, but a higher dose will allow for more muscular stamina. What’s also important to note about this compound is that it doesn’t “pretend” to give pain-relieving benefits. It actually works in a way to legitimately improve recovery and pain-relief.

As far as cutting goes, this is a time period where a lot of people try to avoid Nandrolone. However, for a long time, especially in more recent decades, a lot of serious bodybuilders realize that this is a very important drug to incorporate into cutting stacks. It’s not unheard of for someone to use really small amounts of it for the recovery benefits at 100-200mg injected per week. When cutting, you’re going to experience serious pain and wear and tear, but this compound can really help. But other people tend to use it not because of pain relief, but rather, to maintain the mass they might otherwise lose from cutting. It’s also important to note that during caloric deficits you have during cutting phases, Nandrolone decanoate can help maintain those as you stay disciplined and continue to lose weight. The typical period of usage for competitors is that in the first half of prep they’ll drop in some Nandrolone, and then as time goes on, they’ll go for compounds that are more likely to add some hardening properties, that way when it comes to show time, they’ll look really dense and freaky on stage. These are commonly DHT based anabolic steroids. But of course, there are those that put it in also due to the great recovery benefits they can enjoy.

Nandrolone Side Effects:

When it comes to all of the compounds you can find in the marketplace, Nandrolone is going to be one of those few compounds that is just amazing as far as not having really terrible side effects. Women can really get a lot out of it, too, but they typically can only handle very low therapeutic doses before things get out of hand. There are a few side effects that could affect people with certain genetic traits that aren’t too common, but for most healthy males over the age of 18, you’re going to be perfectly fine as long as you use the compound in a responsible manner. To better elucidate as to what side effects you can expect to deal with, we’re going to break them down into sub-categories so you can really hone in on those that might give you the most concern, or simply, for your reading pleasure.

Nandrolone Administration and Uses:

Nandrolone is entirely injectable, so if you want the muscle-building benefits, go with 300-600mg per week, 100mg 1-2 times per week for therapeutic, and 400mg per week max for performance enhancing.
For shorter, faster acting esters such as, Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP), every other day injections are required at the least. 100-300mg injected three times per week will suffice, depending on goals and previous steroid usage experience.

Nandrolone should always be used in combination with a testosterone based anabolic steroid like Testosterone Enantahte or Testosterone Cypionate. This will ward off the low sex drive related side effects when endogenous testosterone is at hypogonadal levels (zero).

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