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Package: 20 tabs (50mg/tab)

Active Substance: Methandienone

Product Name: Methan, D-ball, Dana, Dianabol

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The strong androgenic-prime AAS Dianoxyl 50 has been launched by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. The oral anabolic androgenic steroid has the half-life span of 6 to 8 hours with higher liver toxicity. Hence, it is ideal to consume as per as the medical practitioner suggests. The anabolic-androgenic ratio for Dianoxyl 50 is 90-210:40-60. The active substance for the component is Methandienone 50mg tablets.


Dianoxyl 50 is utilized for androgen substitution treatment for sparing individuals. It is a superior treating prescription for hypogonadism. The 10mg tablets are useful for turning around the hypogonadism impacts. Generally, 25 to 50mg varieties of doses are accessible for the patients.


Dianoxyl 50, actually Metandienone, is an AR or androgen receptor that can give the best results on protein mix, glycogenolysis, and update muscle power. It will in general be handled by 5-alpha reductase into methyl-1-testosterone, which is a more grounded AAS with a low affection for the impetus and methyl-1-testosterone would make a decent bond. The prescription has confined androgenic activities that may cause virilization As an AAS it may be a hepatotoxic part because of its 17-alpha alkylated creation.


Dianoxyl 50 has higher oral bioavailability with low preferring to the SHBG. The drug is used in the liver with the help if 6-Beta hydroxylation, 3-alpha and 3-Beta-oxidation, 5Beta abatement, 17-epimerization and diverse arrangement over various reactions. The removal half-life is 3 to 6 hours. It is released through pee yield. It doesn’t convey 5-alpha decreased metabolites. It can construct nitrogen upkeep in the body. It can instigate hepatotoxicity and hepatic dangerous development.

The fragment has a difference in C17-alpha circumstance of an extra twofold association between the C1 and C2 positions. It is moreover the 17-alpha methylated auxiliary of the steroid Boldenone.


It is smarter to swallow up to the doses as 25 to 50mg oral segment. It may keep wakeful to 19 days in the body. The basic metabolites are discernable for over 3 days. This has been the best part to get together with various sections for boosting the body. The withdrawals would not be suitable for any overdosed danger.

This is an insoluble prescription. It is definitely not a sedative. As it isn’t known when the part has no known withdrawal and sensible irregularity with bosom milk, it is ideal to direct the masters before eat up the section.


This component is known for protein association and proteolysis. It can influence the cardio-protein balance. The section is furthermore known for biotransformation in the liver cells. This may be viewed as the fundamental factor for the pros to criticize the portion for liver hepatotoxicity. This section is stamped close by indisputable anabolic androgenic steroids for giving significant sponsorships towards the real lift up towards the patients experienced AIDS and threat – the two of which are known for their muscle-exhausting limits.

Legal status

The component Dianoxyl 50 is a scheduled drug but with the use under supervision of medical personnel, the risks may be averted on time. Moreover, the patients suffering from co-morbidities may choose to share medical histories to alert them about any sort of impending hepatic concerns.

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