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Package: 30 tabs (50mg/tab)

Active Substance: Clomiphene Citrate

Product Name: Clomiphene, Clomi, Clomed


The manufacturer Kalpa Pharmaceuticals in India names Clomiphenme Citrate 50mg as Clomixyl for launching in the market.

This component fits in as selective estrogen receptor modulator with an active-life period of 5-7 days. Clomixyl is ideal for PCT and it minimizes muscle losses.


Clomixyl (Clomiphene Citrate) can be stacked with Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) over the period so the body is not worn off over the period. To keep up a legitimate build over the period, it will be smarter to tune in to the specialists and attempt to burn-through the counter aromatase PCT substances that can help the body in an appropriate manner so the body can support up appropriately with no issue. Aromatization can influence the body distinctively and throughout the time, it will be smarter to forestall the results that may influence the body gravely.


The pharmacology for Clomiphene indicates it as a medication for initiating ovulation among the females. However, the use of the component for them, who have no idea for the cause of infertility issues, may also use this component to get benefits. The drug is required to initiate ovulation and therefore, fornication should be continued along with the consumption.


This component consists of a racemic mixture of the Zuclomifene and Enclomifene. Both of these have unique pharmacologic properties. It is an antagonist of ER or Estrogen Rector. This medication mainly acts at the hypothalamus of the human brain. The component blocks the negative feedback from the endogenous estradiol and eventually increases the secretion of GnRH, while circulating the concentrations of FSH and LH. The dosages for proper ovulation can be increased to 50mg for 6 cycles.

The component Clomixyl is based on Clomiphene Citrate, which has greater effects on the human uterus system. It can manipulate many target tissues like lipid, cardiovascular system and breasts. Its positive effects are more prominent alongside effective IGF-1 prominence among women.


The component is known for producing N-Desmethylclomiphene, clomifenoxide, and 4-hydroxyclomifene as metabolites. This component has an onset activity period of 5 to 10 days, while the half-life period is about 5 days. The excretion takes place through feces (42%) and urination.

Uses and Doses

The component, when used for PCT, may be consumed as 50mg per day for 8 months. It can increase the testosterone levels up to 870ng/dl. The same would be 490ng/dl for older men. Estradiol levels would also increase by 62pg/ml in younger males and 40pg/ml among elderly males. Hypogonadism and lower testosterone levels can also be effectively countered with the component. The low testosterone levels can grow or come to a balance by the consumption of 25mg per day dosage. The levels may increase up to 309ng/dl to 642ng/dl after 3 months of the therapeutic dosages.

Side effects

The adverse drug reaction may show reversible ovarian enlargement. Blurred vision, double vision, floaters, abdominal discomfort, and photosensitivity for eyes may increase alongside high blood levels of triglycerides, liver inflammation, reversible baldness and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

The component is restricted in the field for preventing the sportspersons from doping. It is listed as an anti-estrogenic substance. Kalpa Pharmaceuticals promotes this component as a medication instead of its non-medical promotion.

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